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In a desperate bid to halt German and Vichy forces using the southern French Alps in the early weeks of 1944, the Maquis and other resistance groups needed help. Jonny Munroe together with a team of Commandos, joined the fighters but they were

confronted by over 4000 well armed and highly trained enemy forces. On the Plateau des Glieres many brave men and women faced terrible conditions knowing survival was a forlorn hope.   

Genre: WW2-fiction, Romance, Historical fiction, Action & Adventure, Morality & Human Behaviour, Mild Fantasy.

Theme and Search words: Jonny Munroe, SOE, Haute Savoie, France, Resistance, Maquis, Vichy, Plateau Des Glieres, WW2, Annecy, Wehrmacht, Panzer, Commando, Chasseurs Alpins.    

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Available from May 1st 2021 in good bookshops and online at Amazon as a book or eBook for Kindle. Cover design, marketing and promotions by the author.


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