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Born to a Greek mother and a British father, Harmony reached adulthood with an altruistic attitude that determined her journey through life. She'd lost her mother to suicide, was raped as a 14 year old and later witnessed the murder of her fiancee. 

instead of dwelling on these events, Harmony found solace in helping others. She even forgave the man who raped her and with the help of several philanthropists decided to embark on a worldwide campaign to promote good over evil.


Genre: 20th Century fiction, Romance, Historical fiction, Action & Adventure, Morality & Human Behaviour, Philanthropy, Altruism.

Theme and Search words: Harmony, Oxford Angels, Law, BBC, Media, Suicide, Rape, Murder, Philanthropy, Kosovo, Serbia, Terrorism, discrimination, ethnic cleansing, Syria, Israel, India. 

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Available from August 2022 in good bookshops and online at Amazon as a book or eBook for Kindle. Cover design, marketing and promotions by the author.



NEW! Harmony Supports the 'Voices of Children' charity in Ukraine

Voices of Children is an internationally recognised Ukraine-based aid organization that provides psychological support to children who have witnessed war. It uses art therapy and storytelling to support children's well-being and provides financial support to families who have suffered as a result of this awful war. Find us on or

For every hardback copy of Harmony purchased on, £2.00 will be donated to the charity. For every paperback copy purchased, £1.00 will be donated. You can purchase the books by going to my Book Shop in the above menu bar. This is my contribution and support for the orphans, children and families traumatised by this awful war and I ask for your help. It will start with immediate effect and end on17th July 2023. Donations will go entirely and directly to the charity which is a non-profit making organisation.

Please visit my other site at for paintings photography and picture framing 

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