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After surviving WW2, Jonny Munroe  is hoping to settle down with Connie and looks forward to a family. However, in the pre-Cold War period trouble was brewing which involved Russia, the USA and a Danish Marxist working from Giresun Island in the Black Sea.  

London and Washington knew they had to stop the Dane known as Domino from triggering another conflict far worse than the last one. MI6 asked Jonny to lead a team that would eliminate the threat.


Genre: Historical Fiction. Drama, Adventure, Romance, Pseudo-Documentary, International conflict, Moral Dilemma.  

Theme and Search words: Communism, Marxism, Cold War, Turkey, Giresun Island, Berlin, MI6, Spies, agents, Istanbul, Intelligence Services, Attlee, Britain, USA. 

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Available by the end of October 2021 in good bookshops and online at Amazon as a book or eBook for Kindle. Cover design, marketing and promotions by the author. 


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