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Jonny Munroe, the Reluctant Hero 

Jonny Munroe, a fictional character standing at six feet tall with good looking Anglo Saxon features and an athletic frame, became a reluctant hero after joining the RAF in 1939. He soon adapted from flying De Havilland Tiger Moths in training school to Spitfires at the outbreak of WW2. In a Mk1 Spitfire, as a rookie Flight Lieutenant stationed at RAF Tangmere in West Sussex, he rapidly achieved ace status, claiming five kills during the Battle of Britain and the London Blitz. 

    With the fall of France in June 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill advocated a highly secret organisation separate from MI5 and MI6 which had no official existence. It was called the Special Operations Executive (SOE),  or to some, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

It was in this secret organisation, that Jonny Munroe found a new purpose., He was tasked with infiltrating occupied territory, disclosing Axis plans, assisting various resistance groups and disrupting enemy operations. He developed from a brilliant pilot into a brilliant agent, commanding respect and trust from his superiors and the men that he led. His complex dangerous missions in France and the Republic of Ireland appear in my first of the Jonny Munroe novels 'Beneath the Raging Sky'.

     During these missions, his emotions were often torn between duty, making difficult life and death decisions and the women he loved. One of them, Constance McLoughlin (Connie), also an agent in SOE, became a close friend and the woman he eventually married. 

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