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Harmony Shines a Light

Losing her mother to suicide when only a child, her virginity at fourteen to rape, and her fiancee to murder, gave Harmony every reason to believe life sucks. Cared for by her father and grandparents, she develops into a highly intelligent loving woman with

ambitions to help those who exist in despair and show reactions against society. She learns how to forgive and shows how forgiveness reaps rewards. This extends to the man who was jailed for her rape. He repents and joins Harmony's organisation called 'The Oxford Angels'.

In time and with a new boyfriend they undertake a dangerous journey into troubled areas of the world to find out why there is so much hatred, wars, ethnic violence, poverty and misery. This is a book about a philanthropist who defies the commonly held belief that a woman's role in society resides within a restrictive set of rules mostly defined by men.

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