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Voices of Children Charity, Ukraine

The Invasion of Ukraine by Russia in 2022 and the suffering it has caused to thousands is a massive tragedy. Families have been torn apart and amongst them are their children.

One of the charities working hard in Ukraine is 'Voices of Children'. Author, Richard FA White is proud to add his name to the support that is desperately needed for taking care of displaced and traumatised Ukrainian children. Volunteers including psychologists, teachers, artists and carers assist with special programs that help achieve well-being, stability and purpose. Please use the live web site above and scroll down using the small yellow marker in the top right corner to read more about this wonderful charity.

Please help 'Voices of Children' by donating as much as you can afford. You can use the donate button shown above. Alternatively, You can make a contribution by purchasing one of Richard FA White's books direct from him. For each paperback sold he will donate £2.00 to the charity and for each hardback, he will donate £3.00.

All you have to do is send Richard an email at: and include your name, address, the title of the book you'd like to receive and your preference for paperback or hardback. He'll then send you details of how to pay. Once payment has been received your book will be posted by 1st Class Royal Mail.

Thank you in advance.

Richard FA White

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